Attack of the university commitments

Gah! The day after writing my post about finding balance in your life, uni came up behind me, threw a bag over my head, and dragged me off kicking and screaming. Clearly it was unimpressed about being told it wasn’t the most important thing in my life. Anyway, that’s why I failed to post yesterday/Friday, well, that and a whole heap of other reasons that aren’t that important right now.

Today is supposed to be a writing journey post, but I’ll throw a little bit of a writing update and a reading update in there as well for you to make up for the missed posts.

As far as writing goals are concerned, last week was a bit of a disaster.  I did manage to write something everyday (except Friday), but I unfortunately didn’t get around to doing any editing. I can already say with some certainty that there won’t be much achieved this week either, as I have an assignment due Saturday (it was supposed to be due tomorrow but I managed to get an extension thank goodness!) that I really need to focus on.  In fact, the next couple of weeks will mainly be assignment central.  I’ll try to do some editing on the weekends as much as I can, but I’m not promising much.  I’ll also try and keep up with my blogging as much as possible (and filming my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO), but there might be a few missed days or unfairly short posts.

As you may have guessed, my reading has also been rather lacking this past week.  As much as I hate it, sometimes when I’m really busy I just want to tune out, and I’m even reluctant to just read for pleasure.  I think it’s one of the problems with doing an arts degree (which, for clarification, is humanities, not art).  Most of my uni work revolves around reading, and then writing about what I’ve read.  Which I used to love, but increasingly I just find a bother (but that’s for another post I think).  My reading goal for this week is to finish ‘A Storm of Swords Part 2’ by next Monday.  I have 316 pages left, which is perfectly achievable as long as I actually force myself to read!

Now, onto my writing journey.  I’m going to be honest, I’m super exhausted right now, and I can’t actually think of anything to write about, so I’m going to cheat and throw it over to you.  Ask me a question in the comments about anything to do with my writing, and I’ll answer it for you.  If I think it’s a super good/important question, I’ll even dedicate an entire blog post to it! Go!



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