Writing Journey Post #1 – Q&A

Witty title coming soon

I think, seeing as I’m going to be sharing a lot of my writing with you, I thought I may as well share a little bit about myself and my writing journey/experiences or things that relate to that.  I don’t know if this is something you guys are interested in, but I’ll give it a go. Let me know if you like it/hate it.

For this week as a bit of an introduction, I’d do a bit of a Writing Questions and Answers post (questions borrowed from Lynette Noni’s blog).

1. Where do you write?

Anywhere I can bring my laptop and access music.  I find writing on my laptop much easier than writing with pen and paper, largely because I type quite quickly and therefore am able to just spill my ideas out as they come to me.  As for music, I discovered during NaNoWriMo that certain music just makes ideas explode.  And by certain music, I mean soundtracks.  And by soundtracks, I mean LOTR, Hobbit, and Game of Thrones soundtracks.

2. What are your writing habits?

I don’t really have any habits as such.  Largely because I’ve yet to be able to commit properly to my writing (in terms of having habits or a schedule).  When I do write however, I can write forever.  I think the most I’ve written in a day was 15,000 words (NaNo).  Yep. But yeah, no real writing habits yet – I’ll keep you updated.

3. How do you write your first drafts?

Without looking back.  It took me a long time to learn this, but once I did, I straight away wondered how I could have been so ridiculous for all those years.  I know as well as anyone else how difficult it can be to tell your inner editor to just be quiet, but for me once I worked out how to do it my writing improved dramatically.  For me, I feel like this is because removing all the barriers of editing, revising, and censoring every idea meant that my ideas just got out there, and only after all the writing was done I could look back and change things.  This freedom meant that I wasn’t scared of writing down my ideas, and my story really benefited from this.

4. Which writers have most influenced you or inspired you?

In saying this, I will inevitably become a walking cliche, but I really don’t care.   I love everything Tolkien has  written (yes, there’s more than just Lord of the Rings, personally I recommend his Christmas stories), and find that his utter commitment to the worlds he wrote about does make him to this day one of the best fantasy writers.  I only started reading George Martin’s famously infamous Song of Ice and Fire series in December, but from the moment I picked up the first book I was hooked.  I read the first book (all 700 pages or something ridiculous) in about a day and a half, and I’ve been devouring the world ever since (although I’ve had to stop for a little while after the Red Wedding – I just needed some time to emotionally recover).  I don’t care what people say about him, his stories, or his writing, George Martin has definitely become a massive influence for me. His stories are about humans, and interesting humans at that, which is something I aim for in my writing. And then of  course, wrapping up the cliche fantasy writer’s top three inspirations, J.K Rowling.  I have loved Harry Potter for a very long time (Prisoner of Azkaban onwards), and as a young female writer, I have found J.K Rowling’s tale incredibly inspiring.  By now I must have watched HOURS of her in interviews, and I’m still not sick of it.  I also read the Casual Vacancy in 2013 and thought it was fantastic.  So, yep.  There’s my top three.  Mock me all you like, I don’t care.

5. What genre(s) do you (aspire to) write?

Mostly, I love to write fantasy.  My world has existed in my mind for years now, and I love being able to explore it on the page.  I also love drawing maps.  I do have some hopes to explore more realistic fiction in the future, but I know I’ll always turn back to fantasy.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as a writer?

Finding enough time to commit to the time I want to spend writing.  And now, of course, with my editor’s hat on, separating myself from my story enough to be critical, but not so much that I lose touch with it.

7. Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write what you love.  I did a creative writing course at university last year called ‘So You Want To Write A Novel’, in which we had to develop an outline, pitch, and opening chapter for a novel.  I was scared (given the high presence of literary fiction lovers in my tutorial and the lack of fantasy on the reading list) that fantasy writing wouldn’t be taken as seriously, and would thus impact negatively on my marks.  But as much as I tried to commit to my realist, literary fiction novel (which I should admit I still want to write one day), all I found myself doing was drifting back into my fantasy world.  This experience was fantastic though, because it taught me not to sacrifice what I want and love because of fear of how others will view me.


I hope this has been interesting for you all, and I’d love to hear your answers to some (or all) of these questions!  Also, I’ve created a facebook page for my blog/vlog, I’d love it if you could like it!

See you tomorrow for WIPpet Wednesday!




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