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Although this blog is predominately a writing blog, I’ve been thinking that perhaps there are some other things you’d like me to talk about.  The thing that springs most obviously to mind for me is reading, as we all know writers must also read.  I could talk about what I’ve been reading, what I recommend, what I don’t recommend, even little book review type things.  It might even motivate me to read more.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore reading.  But sometimes, with uni, Russian, writing, and general day to day hassles, I just don’t get around to it.  I also try to avoid reading anything similar (in style, genre etc) to what I’m writing when I’m actually writing, as I often find I start adopting parts of the book I’ve been reading.  So perhaps that’s a good idea?  A weekly update of what I’m reading (and a review type thing once I’ve finished reading it).

As for anything else you want me to write about, let me know.  My YouTube channel (which will be active soon I promise, I’ve just got to go and pick up my new camera) will focus on more lifestyle things if that’s what you’re interested in, but I’m sure there are many, many things I could talk about here.  I want to try and post Monday to Friday, if nothing else so that I’m writing SOMETHING, but also because I want to keep this blog active.  I’m also someone that needs some form of schedule to operate, otherwise I just procrastinate.

So, all that said, here is a tentative schedule for my blog posts.  If you have any better ideas, feel free to let me know and I’ll take them on board happily!

Monday: Reading update/book review
Tuesday: My writing journey
Wednesday: WIPpet Wednesday
Thursday: Things I’ve learnt whilst writing – tips/tricks etc
Friday: Update and goals for next week



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