The horror of the info-dump

So, editing has officially begun.  Admittedly, I’ve only made it to halfway through the second chapter (and this is just reading through and outlining the major points I need to fix), but in my defense today was ANZAC Day so I’ve been up since 4:30am, attended a dawn service, watched the march for like two hours, and then bummed out on the couch with the lovely boyfriend because I’ve had a migraine of doom and didn’t really feel like doing any work.  As a matter of fact I still don’t, but I’m trying to push through.  I’ve also decided to write yet another blog post in order to keep up with my ‘write something every day’ goal.  Hooray!

As I already mentioned, I’m only a chapter and a half in (A4 page 7), but already I’ve encountered a key issue (which I expected, but not to this extent).  Alas, I have fallen prey to the dreaded information-dump.  Thankfully, the entire first chapter is being completely revamped (and is going to begin with my oh so intriguing opening lines that everyone enjoyed so much on Wednesday) so I don’t actually have to edit 2,500 words worth of info-dump.  My issue came from the fact that the majority of my first two chapters lacked any human interaction.  I was aware of this as soon as I finished writing them, and was basically ready from the beginning to completely redraft them, so this task isn’t too daunting.  Of course, now I’m faced with the problem of a million solutions flying around in my head, but I wanted to read the entire manuscript before I started editing.  Dilemmas!

In other news, my fancy new camera I ordered arrived at JB HiFi and I’m going to pick it up tomorrow, which means I’ll be able to start filming videos for my YouTube channel! Hooray! This channel will focus more on fashion and lifestyle sort of things, but I will be vlogging from time to time (like when I’m in the UK), so I’ll alert you if I think there’s anything you might be interested in.  Or, you could just check it out yourself (I’ll post the link in my ‘About’ section once I’ve uploaded my first video).

Now I’m going to head off and sleep in preparation for a big day of editing (and camera collecting) tomorrow!


One thought on “The horror of the info-dump

  1. I keep finding the same thing in my writing – a lack of human interaction, and therefore dialogue or relevant action. It helps that a few characters have a habit of talking to themselves, but I’m finding that a lot of my revision consists of hunting down those info dumps and shifting them to scenes that include other people, and you know, talking to and interacting with one another! =D

    Best of luck as you make this journey!

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